Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crochet Christmas Wreath 2011

After a long pause, here I am with this year's Crochet Christmas Wreath.

All you need is a base and zillions of chains... the base and the pretend branches of the wreath will take you only a few hours to finish, so no big deal. If you click here, it will lead you to the first part of the tutorial I posted last year. And please don't look for the second part of it because it has never been written... I know, I know... shame on me! For the holly leaves and the berries I followed this pattern. And for the crochet candy canes after a long session of googling I came across with this blog, which has video tutorials besides written instructions. I wanted to make smaller candy canes, so I chained 33 instead of 50.

This year I tried to make my wreath to have a snowy effect, so I used a glittery white yarn as well as the regular green one. Enjoy it!


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