Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lazy days

After a very long 15 weeks at school, which felt like 15 years, and 2 hectic weeks for proctoring and evaluating the final papers, I believe I deserve some "lazy" time at home during my term break for a fortnight. Actually, I was planning to declutter the flat and reorganize the kitchen shelves today. But I dug my yarn stash and look what I've found:

Who could resist such "ice-cream"y colours and go on with the housework? I couldn't, either. I'm planning to crochet neck warmers as they are 100% wool and will keep the wearer's neck really warm. When I make some improvement, I'll start taking pictures to put here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow and even more snow

The expected snow storm was not stormy on Sunday. There was snow only in the gardens of apartment buildings and on cars.

But today, miraculously, in less than 30 minutes our street looked like this:

But did that stop me from going out? Of course not! A very dear friend, who was trying to recover from a cold, invited me for an early 5 o'clock tea-party. To be precise, it was 1 pm and I, very, quickly got dressed and left home. Destination: Confectioner's. Mission: to get the best macaroons in town. Aren't I lucky to be living only 5 minutes away from the superduperdelicious macaroons?

Anyway, the journey to my friend's place, which normally takes 20 minutes max, took me 50 minutes this time. It was a long, cold, but fun walk because:
1. I love the sound of snow crunching under my feet.
2. Most people don't like winter as the cold makes them feel down. Au contraire, cold weather makes me more energetic. I'm definitely a winter person.
3. Snow makes people smile more often. Even the grumpy old people were smiling gently today.
4. There were less cars than usual, hence, the air was fresher.

Nothing could be more comforting than a cup of delicious English tea, accompanied with home-made focaccia and goat cheese, and macaroons after such a long walk in the cold. Yummm! By the way, my favorite flavor is violet when it comes to macaroons.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention the beautiful scenery from her window.

Adorable, isn't it?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow...

This was how my workplace welcomed me this morning.

Since the students are away for the term break, the campus was unnaturally (!) peaceful and tranquil. If you wonder what I was doing at work during term break is that we are marking the final exam papers these days. I had to evaluate 52 compositions today and will be going on doing the same thing with another pile of 59 papers. Do I enjoy it? Of course not! But it still felt nice standing there, looking around and trying to spot the best angles to take photos.

There is not even a white spot in the city center. No sign of snow at all. However, the weather forecast people are expecting a snow storm on Saturday, so we might have some "real" snow here in the city center, as well. We'll see. There's one thing for sure though. With or without snow, we'll be freezing with a -10C at the weekend.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've had this blog for quite a long time, but haven't dared to post anything until today. Well, I'm a lecturer at a university, but I believe I was born to knit, crochet and sew. My biggest dream is to become a full-time crafter. I'm hoping to get a studio of my own soon, and knit, crochet and play with my felt projects as much as I want to. So until I get the studio of my dreams, this blog will be the place where I'll be brainstorming and then hopefully sharing my craft projects.

This is my first hello to the blogosphere. Can you hear me?

This elegant lavender sachet can be found in my etsy shop.
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