Friday, January 7, 2011

Amigurumi Workshop

I attended a wonderful workshop at one of the coziest places you'd ever want to be in Istanbul. I didn't think crocheting deer would be so challenging but great fun. Duygu, who was really patient to deal with 6 women crochetting deer and hearts, is a great crafter and a fun blogger. I'm looking forward to attending the next round on January 16, to move to an upper level in the world of amigurumi, where we'll learn how to crochet a cute bunny...

We also learnt to rochet an amigurumi heart. I was in a kind of hurry, so I decreased the bottom of the heart more than necessary, so the shape of it was not as yummy as I'd wanted it to be. But who cares? I now know how to make amigurumi hearts in any shape and size...

If you're in Istanbul on either 14th or 23rd of January, you still have the chance to attend the beginner's level amigurumi classes


Jacey said...

Very cute! looking forward to seeing your next creation. xx

Gamlı Baykuş said...

It was such a funny day we've had. It was all my fault to make you hurry and you couldn't make your heart as yummy as you'd wanted it to be. Sorry again! Lets go to the next class to make bunnies.

Handmade with love by G said...

Thank you Jacey... I'll try my best to create my own designs when the term break starts through the end of this month.

Handmade with love by G said...

My one and only Gamlı Baykuş. We should do it again indeed... and will you please stop saying that? All I wanted was to get the general idea behind shaping hearts, and I learnt it pretty well... so no problems, relaaaaax :)


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