Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crochet Christmas Wreath Tutorial Part I

This is my first time trying to write a tutorial, so please excuse my probable mistakes in advance. I hope you find my instructions clear enough :)

I started with the base, which I used exactly the same stitch numbers as Lucy's Springtime Wreath.

Then I started working on the "pretend-branches". Chain 20. Sl st into the 18th chain. *Ch 19, sl st into the 18th ch* repeat as long as you get the desired length depending on your yarn and hook choice.

When you finish crocheting the branches, start sewing the long line made of a few zillion chains on the base starting from the inner circle.

Go on sewing until your "pretend-branches" chains tour around the base 3 times.

If you're new to crocheting you might take a look at this website for basic crochet stitches.

And please feel free to upload your crochet or knit Christmas ornaments to the Crochet or Knit Christmas Ornaments Flicker Group .


Jille said...

I love it! I'm hoping to make this in time for Christmas, but ever get the feeling that your 'to do' list is getting longer by the day!
Jille x

Handmade with love by G said...

Hiya Jille :)

I wish you could see me now! The armchair where I'm usually crafting is surrounded with bags full of yarn, and I'm crocheting this and knitting that! LOL I'm trying really hard to re-open my etsy shop soon, so I know the feeling really well!

If I'll get enough sunlight to take pictures of the leaves and berries I'll post part II either tomorrow or on Sunday the latest.

I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did.


Victoria said...

Hi. I've linked to your blog today as I posted a (bad) photo of the Christmas wreath I made following your tutorial.

Handmade with love by G said...

seen it and I LOVED IT! :))) I hope you've enjoyed making it as much as I did... Thank you very much for the link :)



Marion said...


i see the link by Victoria and wow...i love this little Christmas Wreath!
Thank you so much for this Tutorial Part I - i want try it!
I´m now a follower of you and your beautiful Work...send you many Greetings,


Handmade with love by G said...

Thank you for the lovely comment Mrion :) I hope you enjoy makin it, too :)


Michelle said...

This is simply lovely! I recently made one of my own, it came out brilliantly! I'm featuring it in my own blog, with credits to you of course =)

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