Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ta daaa!

Until a short time ago, to be precise 2-3 years, I didn't fancy doilies, or any kind of liners. I actually thought they were granny-like. Anyway, probably because I'm growing up (!) I value all my linen clothes and doilies.

A few weeks ago, I started to look for a ready-made edging for my sideboard liners, but couldn't find anything worth sewing on my antique linen table cloth. The same evening I gave up on the ready-made stuff, I remembered having a lovely crchet edging swatch which I hadn't thought of making until then. Mum wasn't encouraging either. However, I didn't give up, and crocheted the necessary length in less than a week. I'm so satisfied with the result that I think I'll be making more edgings for my other cabinets as well. Can you tell the difference between the "before & after" photos?

Have a happy Monday and a fantastic week y'all!

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