Sunday, June 20, 2010

It Happens

This is actually what happens when a sleeping cat is scared to death by the opening of a nearby window as a short-summery storm breaks out.

It all happened in a few seconds, but I still can't recall how she managed to hit the side table, which wasn't even on her way, and drop it down. Poor thing couldn't get back into the living room for a while. Had to go and sooth her by giving her favorite flavor reward sticks.

After the really short storm, my flowers seemed really refreshed.

This is literally my first flower growing attempt, so I'm doing my best to keep them in good condition. The exact definition of "in good condition" is "alive" considering my gardening experiences. Errrm, ok a little confession time: I am well known for my unintended ability at killing plants, especially the ones which have been left to me to look after while the owners are away on holiday. Anyway, hopefully, my luck will turn around and we will grow old and wrinkled together, the flowers and me that is!

Have a happy Monday and a superduperfantastic week y'all!

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