Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's officially summer!

10 reasons to love summer:

1. Birkenstocks & sandals. Free your feet ladies...
2. All shades of pink nail polish on my toes. Love 'em!
3. Longer days. I really hate it when it gets dark at 4 pm in winter!!!
4. Swimming! Oh I love the sea when it is cold and crystal clear. But that's gotta wait till I go on
holiday in June.
5. Floor length flyaway skirts and dresses. Especially floral and romantic ones.
6. Sailing. I don't have a license, but I happily assist dad when we go sailing.
7. Ice-cold beer.
8. My new magic lip moisturiser with SPF 15. It's called magic because the transparent lipstick
turns into a lovely rosy pink on the lips.
9. New knitting and crochet projects. (2 are on the way to be photographed and put here)
10. Delicious summer fruit: Cherries, apricots, grapes, and peaches, my favourite of all by the way.

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