Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Picturesque Field Trip

As daddy being a member of the race management team in the Volvo Youth Sailing ISAF World Championship 2010 which is held in Istanbul, and a sightseeing boat trip was organised by the comitee we, the whole family-including my sister who came from the US for a 3-week-holiday-at-home, had a chance to join them on the boat. It was supposed to be a 4-hour boat trip along the Bosphorus, but the teenagers on board weren't interested in seeing the architectural beauty of the waterside residences, or palaces, or mosques, and ancient churches that are situated on both sides of the Bosphorus. Instead, they were either chatting on the top the shades or throwing water bottle caps or water itself to each other, and finally the trip was cut short and we stepped on land 30 minutes before the scheduled. Very typical of teenagers I guess!

I realised once more how lucky I am to be living in such a beautiful city like Istanbul. Actually, each time I'm crossing the bridge which connects the two continents, Europe and Asia, the scenery takes my breath away. No matter how many times I've been on that bridge all my life, it always feels like being there for the first time.

It was really a hot and humid day yesterday, and the boat was full of teenagers from all over the world, so please excuse me for the poor quality photos.

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